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Antico Deluxe project is looking for an artist

This is a quick mockup for a new Qt4 based lightweight theme engine, specialy designed for Antico Deluxe.


The image is not well crafted, some widgets are in their original background. Even that, the image shows my idea and vision for good looking user interface in philosophy of Antico – i.e. being as close as possible to the user interface os MacOSX, which is original work from APPLE INC.

I asked the great Bespin theme/engine author, and he told me this is too complicated and he dont want to write this ….. again. Anyway – the mockup is designed as a Bespin modification.

So, I’m looking for an artist and Qt4 programmer, who can code and maintain this visual style from within the Antico Deluxe source tree.

The style engine have to be very fast, small in size and with no configurable options at runtime.

Candidates may contact me at ludmiloff <   at  > gmail __dot__ you know what ends.

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