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Screenshots – what’s up with AnticoDeluxe

Some screentshots showing AnticoDeluxe current development status.


screen 1 – “About this computer dialog”. There is a Dock and also a topbar with useful widgets – keyboard switcher, volume control, show desktop and a clock.


screen2 – SystemPreferences.app  with Bobcat Qt4 theme. Bobcat is a work in progress, for now only menubar, menus and toolbar widgets are managed. There are some visual improvements, coming from updated Amelib – GradientButton and HelpButton – see at the bottom of the window. Take a look to the window titlebar and how Bobcat integrates to it;


screen3 – Runner.  Runner should become a file manager for AnticoDeluxe DE. Notice the Bobcat theme again, and toolbar buttons – RectButton from Amelib. The icons are already bundled into AmeLib as AmeSystemIcon class.

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